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Creating the life you want is attainable through the self discovery of finding your needs, desires and the abundant fertile resources present within you.

About me

My name is Kei (pronounced as “kay”), and I am someone who loves to explore the beauty and potential of every person. Being a trained facilitator, coach and director of a leadership training organization, I often feel a strong need to share my experience in creating safe spaces for others seeking personal growth. Assisting people on the mission of self discovery in a safe space is one of my purposes in life, and it would be a privilege to join you in taking the steps to create the life you want.

Re-emerge describes my passion through the practice of reflection resulting in meaningful change. Throughout my life, I have continually re-emerged from where I was to a clear state of being with more energy and new inspiration by exploring and reflecting on my own thoughts and patterns. So I would love to share my passion with you on your own process of self discovery !

A little bit about my background…

  • 20 years of experience in a field of human development and international education in U.S. and Japan
  • 10 years of experience in managing and facilitating leadership trainings as Chief Program Officer (CPO) at iLEAP for college students, professionals and social leaders
  • Holds Master’s Degree in International Education from School for International Training (SIT) at Brattleboro, Vermont
  • Completed Co-Active Professional Coach Training from CTI
  • Council Leader of US-Japan Council
  • My core values are personal growth, learning, nature, family, justice, beauty, creativity
  • A Tokyo native who is living in Seattle, Washington with a 7 year-old daughter and husband
  • Loves reading, knitting, writing, taking care of indoor plants, and creating nurturing space people around me
— Bringing more colors & joy to life —

You can find me here…

My coaching service

– What is Coaching?

You as a client are going on an expedition to a mysterious cave. You will get to decide where you go and which path you take. I as a coach will hold a lamp and walk along with you, shining the light on some spots to be aware of, shining the light on some treasures to capture and possible paths to take. We are going on an expedition together, but you are the leader of this expedition.

Photo by Bimo Luki on Unsplash

I am especially helpful for those who are in their 20s to 40s, struggling with what is next in life, what path they should take, and how they can find joy and purpose in their lives. I believe everyone has everything they need – people are equipped and fully capable of making the necessary choices to lead themselves to where they want to be. I am here as a coach to support and co-guide your personal development with my deep listening and thoughtful inquiries. I love to listen to people’s stories, make sense of their experiences and transform people’s experiences into wisdom that can guide us for our tomorrows. My passion lies there because I know that is why I am doing what I do in this world.

  • Through my coaching, you will be able to…
    • create more space to focus on “you” (not other people around you), your needs, your desires and your future
    • see your life from a bird’s eye perspective to gain clarity for dreaming about your future with actionable outcomes
    • feel more power and energy from within yourself to go where you want and need to go

– Session Fee

  • $450 for three 60 minute sessions
    • $900 for six 60 minutes sessions 
      • My rate is $150 per session although I do recommend that you work with me for at least three sessions so we can create a new routine to bring changes to your life.
      • I will take notes from each session, which I will share with you after the session. This will help you to focus on your coaching experience without worry of missing something important – you can continue gaining insight and understanding of new learning in the notes as you reflect on what happened during the coaching session.
      • Fee is US dollars.

I am in awe of Kei. She has a calm and tranquil wildness about her that allows for others to show up in their full range, knowing and feeling that she can hold whatever they bring.

– Emily

– Want to know more?

Contact me anytime at to schedule a free 30 min discovery session!

*Coaching is available in English or Japanese.